Boston Public Schools

Based on BPS SY2015 at a Glance Sheet

Boston Public School Students (SY2015)

57,100  total students

28,760  students in pre-kindergarten to grade 5

11,030  students in grades 6-8

17,310  students in grades 9-12

Student Demographics

41% Hispanic      36% Black            13% White          9% Asian              1% Other/multiracial

78% of students are low income.

About 19.5% of total enrollment are in special education programs.

BPS students come from 275 different countries, and English Language Learners speak 75 different languages at home.

46% speak a language other than English as their first language

29% are Limited English Proficient (LEP) or English Language Learners

64% of English Language Learners were born in the U.S.

The top nine non-English first languages spoken are: Spanish, Haitian creole, Cape Verdean creole, Chinese, Vietnamese, Portuguese, Arabic, Somali, and French.

BPS Schools

See the BPS 2014-2015 District Map

7    Early Learning Centers (K-grade 1 or grade 3)

43  Elementary Schools (K-5)

31  Elementary and Middle Schools (K-8)

7    Middle Schools (6-8)

4    Middle and High Schools (6-12)

1    K-12 School

21  High Schools (9-12)

3    Exam Schools (7-1)

6    Special Education Schools

5    Alternative (at-risk) programs

Included in the above numbers are:

20  Pilot Schools (models of educational innovation with more flexibility and autonomy)

6    Horace Mann Charter Schools funded by the BPS

8    Innovation Schools (created by the state and based on Pilot School models)